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We pride ourselves on not only providing world class fitness training, but also in creating a supportive and motivating environment. A family. The moment you arrive at your first class you will find a community of like-minded people of all ages and body types, committed to working hard and achieving lasting fitness results. We love our people and we love what we do – and that shows on the gym floor.

What We Do.

Our clients come to us when they want to transform they way they look, feel and perform. All whilst staying injury free. We have a team of experienced and qualified coaches that follow methodologies and philosophies that are backed by solid training principles we can ensure that our members will not only stay injury free but enjoy the highest quality of movement for both performance and longevity.

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Why You'll Love Training With Us

World Class Coaching

Our professionally trained and expert coaches actively coach each class that you attend. We love what we do and it shows on the gym floor.

Proven Programming

Our program is proven to get you results. We pride ourselves in having a unique program that keeps you interested and most of all gets you results whether you’re a mum of three, weekend warrior or an elite athlete.

Quality Capped Class Sizes

We want you to get the attention you deserve every session and that’s why all our classes are limited to 20 members at a time.

Free Resources

Access to exclusive nutrition and training information to help you get the best results from your workouts.

Friendship & Accountability

Our community is our greatest strength. You’ll make lifelong friends to help inspire, challenge and motivate you.

Free Online Workout Journal

Log your workouts, record your personal achievements and engage with other members through our smartphone app.

Meet The CrossFit Light Team

Jake McMurray

Jake McMurray

Owner/Head Coach

Jake McMurray – you can probably guess by his size was a competitive football player growing up but after having several knee and shoulder surgeries took up CrossFit to keep fit. He has since shaped a life in the fitness industry, racking up years of experience as a Personal Trainer whilst training and coaching CrossFit on the side. He believes so strongly in the CrossFit methodology. Jake is the owner/head coach where he is a dedicated Coach and athlete who has competed at the highest level in AUS in Crossfit. Jake loves a heavy clean or deadlift but hates a rope climb (especially a legless one). His favourite benchmark to demolish is Isabel or Karen.

Andrew Collins

Andrew Collins

Assistant Head Coach

Andrew has a background in golf, he played professionally for years before taking up Crossfit. Andrew started coaching in 2017 and has sinced been on the constant pursuit of furthering his knowledge and coaching skills. You won’t find a more passionate coach. Andrew has since started his own private coaching business called ATLAS coaching. He loves anything gymnastics (handstand push ups, pull ups and muscle ups) but hates a row or a heavy barbell.

Amelia McMurray

Amelia McMurray


Amelia is one of our female coaches who is very passionate about the CrossFit methodology and how it empowers women to become strong and embrace the challenges CrossFit brings day in day out. She also helps Di with membership services and handles the social side of our gym. With a back ground of endurance sports Amelia came into CrossFit to get stronger, faster and fitter. Amelia loves a kettle bell swing and any workouts that get your heart rate up. We are a team here and its our Job to provide a professional and clean facility for our members. #Strengthinnumbers.




Coach david (AKA master splinter) is the most experienced coach we have on staff. He started coaching and doing crossfit in 2008. His passion for coaching is undeniable and he shows that on the gym floor.