15 June 2021

It is so easy to complicate fitness and exercise.

Every week there seems to be a new, cool and complex exercise protocol claiming that it’s guaranteed to get you results lightening fast. One day it’s a kettlebell flow, next its training in a hyperbaric chamber and the next its blood flow restriction.

In reality and getting REAL results there is no substitute for mastering the basics, in this case the basics are seven movement patterns.

What are the seven functional movement patterns?







-Locomotion (swimming, riding, rowing and running etc)

Functional movement patterns compose all our daily movements. They are the primal foundation for movement in the human body. There are seven total movement patterns: squat, lunge, bend, core, push, pull, and locomotion.

The foundation of exercise

These movements are great to base your training plan around because they improve your function of everyday life and reduce your chance of injury.

Each time you perform one of these movement patterns, you’re in the process of developing neural pathways.

The more you perform the movements, the more ingrained and efficient the pathways become, and the more benefits you receive from them.

Don’t overcomplicate things, oftentimes “progresion” is doing the basics over and over again.

-Coach Jake