18 March 2021

  1. Use hook grip, i know it sucks when you first start but there is a reason why every single olympic lifter on planet earth uses it. The hook grip is used in Olympic lifting because it is a more secure grip than a conventional overhand or traditional grip. 

How too hook grip:

Setting the hook grip: Press the webbing of the hand between the thumb and index finger against the bar; wrap the thumb about the bar as far a possible; grab the thumb with the index and middle fingers; use these first two fingers to pull the thumb farther around the bar; grip the bar with the remaining fingers. 

 2. Slow it down- the hierarchy when learning olympic lifting is POSITION > MOVEMENT > SPEED > LOAD. Slowing it down will make it easier for you to get into those positions you need to get in, then movement (moving from position to position) is the next step so a great way to train this is slowing down everything and get these right.

3.Work on the different positions in isolation- Its very helpful to work on your first pull, second pull, third pull and catch on their own. And make them strong, feel confident and then put them all together. In our experience from beginner to intermediate level lifters the first pull (from the ground to just above the knee) is where a lot of things go wrong and sets you up for failure from the ground, the bar is often too far away from the centre of our body which then gets worse as the bar travels further up. The second thing that often goes wrong is no hip contact with the bar, this is very important then closer the bar is to your center of gravity the stronger you are going to be. So this is a MUST. The third thing is lack of strength and mobility in the overhead squat. Working on these things individually can be very helpful in mastering this movement.

4. Measure the success of your snatch not based on the weight of the bar but how well you lifted- It is a very complex lift, when you can hit it hard, fast and explosively whilst being smooth hitting your positions perfectly and making it feel almost effortless there is no better feeling. Focus on that to begin with. Say you can snatch 60kg but it’s a little ugly don’t just keep adding weight. We want to see that smooth and fast almost like it’s an empty bar. Once you can do that then add some more weight. Remember this takes years to master let’s give it the respect it deserves.

5. Develop a routine- Find out what within the lift you need to improve on and in your warm up grab an empty bar/light weights and develop your own little routine that’s going to help improve your snatch. Every rep counts.

We hope this helps!


-Coach jake