20 February 2020

The first week of February (feb 3rd – feb 8th) we will be completing a series of benchmarks that will give you the athlete insights to where your athletic balance currently sits. The benchmarks contains six (6) tests of fitness categories. The capacities tested in this phase will be:

Aerobic Capacity – Strength – Bodyweight Endurance – Skill – Mixed Modal – Power


This test contains repeatable cyclical work. It tests the athlete’s ability to pace, and extend work for long sustained periods.


4 Rounds

5 min Assault Bike Cals ( focus on your average rpm)

5 min Row Cals (Focus on your average row/pace)


Total Calories


This test contains strength work with a barbell. These tests the athlete’s timing, coordination, and athleticism while working under a heavy load. Athletes train for this test by improving their baseline strength and improving their movement technique.

Squat Snatch – 1RM

Back Squat -1RM

Power Clean and Jerk – 1RM

Bench Press – 1RM



This test contains bodyweight movements. It tests relative muscle endurance. Athletes can train for this test by improving their personal body awareness and output.


15 Chest To Bar Pull-Up

15 Kipping Handstand Push-Ups

15 Toes To Bar

15 Push-Ups

*Every 5 Min start a new set



This test contains advanced gymnastics skill work. It tests the athlete’s pacing ability, range of motion, skill, and core control. Athletes train for this test by putting time into developing and learning advanced bodyweight skills.

5 Minutes – Max Distance Handstand Walk – Measure in Meters

90 Seconds Rest

5 Minutes – Max Ring Muscle-Ups

90 Seconds Rest

5 Minutes – Max Rope Climbs w/ Feet

90 Seconds Rest

5 Minutes – Max Double Unders



This tests contains a variety of tasks and challenges. It tests the athlete’s ability to transition between movements, perform movement variations, control pacing, and handle load variations. Athletes train for this test by knowing their own physical capacities and learning how best to deal with a large volume of varied work.


5 Sets – Each For Time

15 wall balls

15 kettle-bell swing @24/16kg

15 box jump step-down (24 inch and 20 inch)

15 hang power snatch @40/30

15 burpees (with jump clap at top)

50 double unders

3 minutes rest



This test contains a high demand of work to be performed for a short time frame. It tests the athlete’s ability to execute movements quickly with a proper strategy in order to display speed and pure power.

Athletes train for this test by turning strength into power production as well as refining their ability to perform high output for 60 sec

20 sec – max kettlebell swings @32/24

20 sec – max burpees (with overhead clap)

20 sec – max bike calories

Rest 3 min

X 5 Sets