8 November 2020

Here at crossfit light we have a method and structure in the way we program. We often get asked why so here i will explain it.

When speaking about general program design principles progression is the base level idea behind why you would train in general. So, when laying out a program you want to create a skeleton for your training to ensure you stay within that lane for your given block of training. 

I love using the idea of bowling: when people go bowling, if they suck, they put up the bumper rails to help keep the bowling ball within the lane. That’s why we utilize a skeleton to work from over the course of a training block; it prevents us from getting too far outside the priorities we’ve outlined from the start. 

Additionally, it allows us to target specific weaknesses that we want to improve. When there’s too much variation (for a large portion of the population) too much variance is not very effective at eliciting a favorable adaptation. 

Each block of training will vary from 4-6 weeks, we have a fixed seven day program and each week it moves along one day (e.g if we back squat and snatch on monday, then we back squat and snatch on tuesday the next week etc) So you still get the “variance” if you can only certain days of the week. For the duration of that training block we will follow a similar format each week and we ensure we progress it (make it harder) little by little each week so then we can ensure you do progress.

Some blocks of training we will focus on strength/lifting and others we will focus on skill/aerobic development and work capacity. The results we get from testing for the large majority will dictate what we plan out for the next few training blocks.

We want our members to come in, put the work in and get rewarded for their time and effort, the joy comes with getting better, it doesn’t come from doing “fun” workouts everyday whilst that may work in the short term it does not work long term in our experience. For this reason there will be some days of training you will enjoy more than others (we find people hate doing what they are bad at LOL but that’s natural!) and other days you will love it. Some training blocks you will “enjoy” more than others. But the goal ALWAYS stays the same. YOU GETTING BETTER. 

We hope this gives you a better understanding of why we do things. 

Any questions at all please send us a message!